Top 10 Kids Sports Movies

1. The Sandlot (1993)

2. Mighty Ducks (1992)

3. Cool Runnings (1993)

4. Rookie of the Year (1993)

5. Space Jam (1996)

6. Little Giants (1994)

7. Angels in the Outfield (1994)

8. Little Big League (1994)

9. Bad News Bears (1976)

10. Kicking & Screaming (2005)

Defend the Cup or Die Trying

With two Stanley Cups in the history books, the Chicago Blackhawks try to successfully defend their Stanley Cup for the first time in team history.  

The Blackhawks' 107 points is second most in Chicago history with the 8th best points percentage at .652. The 2009-2010 Hawks have the most points with 112 and the 4th best points percentage at .683. During the lockout shortened 2013 season, Chicago had a ridiculous .802 points percentage. In comparison, this is still one of the best Blackhawk teams ever.

While other Western Conference teams were vying for playoff seeding late in the season, Chicago was in locked into their spot. The defending champs were able to rest key players like Brandon Saad, Duncan Keith, Marian Hossa and Corey Crawford. The Hawks can make it back to the Stanley Cup Final with a rested lineup and a healthy Jonathan Toews and Patrick Kane.

Their depth will wear any team down in a best of seven game series. Joel Quenneville loves rolling out four lines in playoffs and like last year expect no difference. Role players will dictate Chicago's playoff success, such as Saad, Andrew Shaw, Bryan Bickell, Kris Versteeg, Brandon Bollig and Jeremy Morin. 

When matched with the right lines these Hawks are very dangerous from top to bottom. Boston and maybe a healthy St. Louis are the only other teams that will play four lines during the playoffs. 

Although Crawford is a Stanley Cup winning goalie, he is also Chicago's achilles heel. Crawford can allow garbage goals and his 20th ranked .917 save percentage proves it. His play determines the team's fate. But the Blackhawks talent and experience can mask most of Crawford's flaws. 

Chicago's experience is an intangible quality that many of the young teams just don’t have, the core members of this team have seen two Stanley Cups as well as two first round exists in between championships. They know how to win in the face of adversity, just look at the Red Wings playoff series last year, where Chicago won games 5,6 and 7 after losing 3 out of the first 4.

For the Blackhawks it's cup or bust. But from the league's vantage point it seems that they are flying under the radar. The Boston Bruins, St. Louis Blues, Pittsburgh Penguins and Chicago are the top four favorites to win the Cup. The reigning Stanley Cup champion, the Blackhawks have the fourth best odds to win the Stanley Cup according to and Bovada.

The scarest match up the Hawks will face is the St. Louis Blues, who have put all the chips into winning this season. As a team that has historically been in the shadow of the Blackhawks and Red Wings, the Blues have come into the spotlight with the additions of goalie Ryan Miller and center Steve Ott. Once the clear front runner for the President Cup, St. Louis has lost six straight, scoring only 5 goals over that period. They have the best penalty kill in the West, and the Hawks always shaky power play, it could be a difference maker in a long series. The Blues are a hard, physical team that can and will shut down the Hawks fast, zone to zone offense. 

The Hawks are 2-1-2 versus the Blues this season, the winner of this series is the likely Western Conference representative in the Stanley Cup.

Chicago will most likely pair up with the Colorado Avalanche in the 2nd round, who have been a thorn in the side of the Hawks for the past two years since stopping Chicago's record point streak in Coloardo last year. The unbelievable goalie play of Semyon Varlamov is the main key. He has the best goalie record in the NHL at 40-14-6 and 3-0 against Chicago, holding the Hawks to under 3 goals in each game. The Avalanche are a young, fast team that challenges Chicago in all the right ways. They match the Hawks speed, however they lack the physical play needed to shut the Hawks down in a seven game series. 

The Blackhawks are 10-4 against the remaining playoff teams, Ducks, Sharks, Kings and Stars. If Chicago avoids the Sharks in the West Final because of their strong power play and massive amount of shots of on goal, the Blackhawks will be in the Stanley Cup Final again and probably against Boston again. 

Blackhawks over St. Louis in 6
Blackhawks over Coloardo in 7
Blackhawks over Anaheim in 6
Blackhawks versus Boston, unpredictable

By Bob Noetzel

The Nostalgic 'Pond Hockey'

"Pond Hockey" is one of the best hockey documentaries, it glorifies the experience of youth hockey on a pond while the main feature is old men still playing pond hockey with their friends. 

It follows the US Pond National Tournament in Lake Calhoun, Minnesota, where 100 teams play on 25 small pond rinks. Pond hockey has no boards, no checking, no offsides, no goalies and no coaches.  

The tournament is much like any men's league, one of the team's name was Sofa King Lazy. They have normal problems like one guy doesn't show up, one of them pukes from exhaustion  and one tries way too hard. Then there is the Federal League AllStars which has some former pros and high-level collegiate players, they won their first game 40-2. 

It shows men enjoying a child's game, they take the games seriously but also enjoy their time playing the game that they love.  All the players have nostalgic experiences, wishing they could back to the days as child on the pond. 

A middle aged member on team Turbo said with complete gratification, "everybody at work thinks we're crazy, but look at this, it's going to be a good time."  

The film argues that pond hockey lets kids just play hockey and learn the game through experience and not coaching. It preaches that pond hockey is pure, and that kids shouldn't have the pressure of indoor leagues. Playing with friends in pick-up games is a better way to learn the game. 

It has a wide variety of interviewees of old, young and all-time greats including Wayne Gretzky, Sidney Crosby and Patrick Kane. The cinematography during for the tournament games was average and the editing isn't great. 

It's currently on Hulu for free with commercials. 

Rating: B+

The Ricketts on 60 Minutes

The latest "60 Minutes Sports" shows the good and bad sides of the Ricketts family. 

The segment by Armen Keteyian takes you through the short history of the Ricketts ownership, from purchase of the Cubs to the current battle with the rooftops. It features interviews with all four Ricketts: Tom, Laura, Pete and Todd. 

They discuss their upbringing as an upper middle class family in Nebraska, and how they all moved to Chicago for college. It touches on Pete running for governor of Nebraska and Laura being the 1st gay owner of a major sports franchise. However it is mostly about Tom and the Cubs. 

It shows they're doing it the right way by rebuilding the organization in every way with the ridiculous new spring training facility, new Cubs Park in Mesa, Theo Epstein hiring, $200 million Wrigleyville renovation and $300 million Wrigley Field renovation. 

Keteyian talks about the Chicago media ripping ownership and front office for the poor performance by the team, although much of the Chicago media thinks the team is doing it right. But one casualty of the rebuilding process is die-hard season ticket holders.

"Last week, I had to write a check out for $11,000 for season tickets. How do you justify the ticket prices for the product that's on the field?" a fan said at the Cubs convention. 

The season ticket holders aren't the only ones that are angry at the Ricketts. "Does Wrigley Field really need one of the largest jumbotrons in baseball?" said Beth Murphy, head of rooftop organization. The rooftops signed a 20 season agreement in 2004 with the Cubs to share 17 percent of their revenue with the stipulation that the Cubs wouldn't block their view.  

The Wrigley Field renovations are great, except for the massive jumbotron in left field and huge advertisement in right field thus blocking the rooftops' view. 

A section of the contract states: "6.6: Any expansion of Wrigley Field approved by governmental authorities shall not be a violation of this agreement, including this section." The city of Chicago approved the jumbotron and advertisement.

"To put those dollars in ($300 million) and not know if you can put a sign on your own building, that's nuts," said Tom Ricketts in the interview. The Ricketts aren't trying to block out the rooftops, they are trying to block out the advertisements on the rooftops. The jumbotron is supposed to be blocking a United Airlines ad and the huge ad in right (probably Budweiser) will block out a Miller Lite sign. 

After watching the segment the Ricketts plan starting making sense. They will block out those buildings with ads and then buy the two rooftops at a decreased price, slowly buying up more and more rooftops. Once they have bought up some of the rooftops, they can move the jumbotron and Budweiser ad to the rooftops that used to have ads on it. 

The team receives 17 percent of the rooftop revenue, so they know exactly how much money the rooftops make. The Ricketts saw the amount of money the rooftops bring in and they want in. I think the Ricketts want to own all the buildings surrounding Wrigley Field. 

4 Ways to Improve the NBA

1. Alter Playoffs to March Madness Format (LET EVERYONE IN)

With the MLB on the decline and the NFL hitting its popularity ceiling, the NBA has the most room to grow. But how to do it? What's the most popular event in basketball? It's not the NBA Finals, it is the NCAA's March Madness tournament. 

The NBA already allows 16 out of 30 teams into the playoffs, why not let everyone in. Then pro basketball will have its tournament and bracket system. The NBA's current system has four rounds of seven game series, which devalues the impact of a single game. March Madness is single elimination and the intensity shows in every game. 

The bracket system will have 5 rounds but the maximum games played is 29, only 1 more than the current maximum of 28 games.  

How to do it:
There are 14 best of three series in the 1st Round. While the #1 seeds in each conference get a 1st round bye, so the Indiana Pacers and San Antonio Spurs would get byes. Or have two play-in games for the four lowest seeds, if you don't want byes. 

The first round should be scheduled like the NCAA tournament, multiple games on at once from Thursday to Sunday with any game 3s on Monday and Tuesday. Create the same barrage of basketball that March Madness throws at society every year. The NBA would be the only pro sports organization that will televise seven playoff games in one day. With it being a best of three series, the NBA would at least televise 70 hours of playoff basketball in 96 hours. 

What fan wouldn't love that? 

Look at the 1st round matchups above Warriors/Nuggets, Grizzles/T-Wolves, Blazers/Pelicans Celtics/Nets, Pistons/Wizards and Clippers/Lakers. The round would have some blowouts, but so does the NCAA tournament. March Madness is built on quantity not quality. The NBA tournament would half the quantity, but the quality is far superior. 

The rest of the tournament would go back to the 2002 NBA Playoffs format. The 2nd round is made up of eight best of five series. The final three rounds would be the standard best of seven series. So it would be a 3-5-7-7-7 format, instead of 7-7-7-7.

Under this system, the #1 seed will be a coveted asset and will bring more competition during the regular season. Allowing every team into the playoffs could bring more ticket sales for bad teams, it "might" diminish tanking.

The extended bracket would bring excitement to a NBA playoff system that is a long-drawn out process.

2.  Re-exam Hardwood Floors

Ligament damage is a huge concern in all sports, the NBA could reduce injuries by changing the surface they play on. The hardwood maple courts used in the NBA lead to wear and tear on joints and cartilage.

"Temporary wood courts used for NBA games in multi-sport arenas tend to have a great deal of give. An engineered athletic surface using scrap rubber could replicate hardwood performance with even greater safety," said Jeff Gordon of "Playing on surfaces with extreme traction, like rubberized floors, can increase ankle sprains, knee sprains, turf toe and other injuries familiar to football players competing on older-style artificial surfaces." 

The floor, pictured above, has an absorbent sub-structure underneath the hardwood floor, this surface would provide the perfect traction of a wood floor with less shock on the joints and ligaments. 

3. Eliminate the Double Bonus

The end of basketball games are insanely slow sometimes, eliminating the double bonus (automatic two free throws for all fouls) would speed up the game and allow more comebacks. The 4th quarter takes nearly as long as the first half in some cases. 

Having one-and-one free throws adds pressure and importance to the most boring play in basketball. When there is two free throws over and over again, the most exciting part of the game comes to a stand still. 

Just because its been a rule for a long time, doesn't mean it can't be rewritten.

4. Add 4-Point Shot

Everyone thought the 3-point field goal was a gimmick when it was introduced in 1979, now it's one of the best aspects of the game. Let's bring in the 4-point field goal, a 28-32 foot shot, it would only affect the game positively. 

When a team is down 4 points at the end of a game, the announcers always say, "this game is probably over unless they make a 3-pointer and get fouled." The rarity of the that play is high, it's an anti-climatic finish to a close game. Having a 4-point shot would make shooters more valuable and open up the paint for interior offensive players. 

Getting 'Schooled: The Price of College Sports'

"Schooled" is the greatest document proving that the NCAA should provide more benefits for its 'student-athletes.' 

The documentary follows the NCAA's history of exploitation of it's athletes, who produce millions for the school and don't receive future medical care or financial benefits. It's one of the heaviest covered off-the-field sports topics, "Schooled" covers it the best.

Professional football and basketball players have to go to college, if they want to go pro. Since 2005 only three American born non-student-athletes were drafted to the NBA and NFL.

The film is based on the book "The Cartel: Inside the Rise and Imminent Fall of the NCAA." Cartel is defined as a combination of independent business organizations formed to regulate production, pricing, and marketing of goods by the members. 

It argues that the NCAA is price fixing college athletics with its scholarship system. The NCAA and all its schools look awful.

Arian Foster said in the film that he took money because he couldn't pay for food. While other athletes sold drugs to get by. Foster thought it was sad to see the public turn on Cam Newton for taking money he deserved. 

Rating: A-
"Schooled" has very good information and history about the student athlete vs student employee debate. It's a know-all documentary about the subject except for leaving out the school's point of view.

Top 10 Chicago Sports Songs

1. "The Star-Spangled Banner" by Francis Scott Key & John Stafford Smith (1814)
The song was popularized as a sports anthem at Comiskey Park during the 1918 World Series between the Chicago Cubs and Boston Red Sox. "The Star-Spangled Banner" was played during the seventh-inning stretch throughout the series, honoring the soldiers fighting in WWI.

It became our national anthem in 1931 and a tradition before all sporting events during WWII.

"The Star-Spangled Banner" has become the Blackhawks rally cry since the 80s. During the anthem, Chicago hockey fans cheer with all their might, creating one of the best hockey atmospheres ever.   
2. "The Super Bowl Shuffle" by the 1985 Chicago Bears (1985)
The 1985 Chicago Bears are the only American professional team of any sport with a hit single with "The Super Bowl Shuffle." It reached 41 on the US Billboard Hot 100 and sold more than a half-million copies. The rap song was nominated for a Grammy Award for best R&B performance by a duo or group.

3. "Take me out to the Ballgame" by Harry Caray (1908)
"Take me out to the Ballgame" is the most famous baseball song ever, and it is best sung by Harry Caray at Wrigley Field on a Saturday afternoon. Caray started singing it with the White Sox, but it stuck with the Cubs. 

4. "Sirius" by The Alan Parsons Project (1982)
"Sirius" defines the greatest era of Chicago basketball, and it still lives on today. When those lights would drop at the Chicago Stadium, there was nothing like it. The arena would be completely dark and the famous words would ring out "From North Carolina at guard, 6-6, Michhhhhhael Jjjjjjorddddddddan."
5. "Chelsea Dagger" by The Fratellis (2006)
The infamous goal celebration song of the Blackhawks, "Chelsea Dagger" is a Chicago favorite, but hated by every other hockey fan. The song erupted during the 2010 Cup run, and it's been a staple at the United Center ever since. It was popularized by a beer commercial, and all Blackhawk fans can't help but celebrate like drunken hooligans after a goal. 

6. "Bear Down, Chicago Bears" by Al Hoffman (1941)
The famed touchdown song for the Bears, became a hit during Chicago's dynasty years in the 40s. It is the first fight song in NFL history.

7. "All The Way" by Eddie Vedder (2007)
The only song on this list written by a actual music star, "All The Way" is a perfect representation of the life of a Cub fan. Eddie Vedder is the poster child for sad Cubs fans. We'll go all the way someday. 

8. "Here Come the Hawks" by Dick Marx Orchestra (1968)
The campy game show sounding fight song for the Blackhawks is fun but it's not great. The organ version that is played during games at the United Center is amazing, it reminds me of the music from NHL '94.

9. "Go, Cubs, Go!" by Steve Goodman (1984)
The Cubs official victory song, "Go, Cubs, Go!" was released in 1984 when the Cubs won the National League East. It did not help the Cubs, they lost a sketchy series against the Padres. The Cubs haven't won a World Series in a 105 seasons. They'll probably win it in 2014. 

10. "Don't Stop Believin'" by Journey (1981)
 On June 5, 2005, "Family Guy" featured "Don't Stop Believin'" in a joke, popularizing the song again. 

In September 2005, the White Sox's 15-game lead on the Indians dwindled down to 1½ games. A.J. Pierzynski, Joe Crede and Aaron Rowand went out on the town. Crede started yelling at the singer of a cover band "play some Journey," The next day, Pierzynski jokingly floated the idea of blasting "Don't Stop Believin'" from the U.S. Cellular Field speakers. They played the song, the White Sox ended a seven-game losing streak that night.

"Don't Stop Believin'" became the team's anthem, being played at every home game for the remainder of the season. Chicago beat the Astros in the World Series to claim their first championship since 1917. 

Honorable Mention:
 "Let's Go, Go-Go White Sox" by Captain Stubby and the Buccaneers (1959)

The Blackhawks Bunch in Buffalo

After a successful trip to Detroit in 2013, the Blackhawks crew embarked on a journey to another second rate American city for Hawks at Sabres.

On Friday, March 7th, Kyle "Cornelison" Cornwell, Jerry "Not Related To" Castro and "Bad" Parker Cleveland made the misguided decision to drive overnight to Buffalo. Dan "High Sticking" Hyland, Matt "Blackhawks" Brice, Mike "Regin" Regan, Bob "Probert" Noetzel, Brian "Lil'" Noetzel, Danny "The Fanny" Schultz and Brian "Lil'" Schultz left Saturday morning for their 8 hour drive. As the rest of the crew was leaving Chicago, the early car was arriving in Buffalo.

Cornwell, Cleveland and Castro went to Ralph Wilson Stadium, home of the Buffalo Bills. They said it's the 2nd worst NFL stadium, behind the Oakland Coliseum. After visiting, they went to the Hotel Lafayette and were able to check-in without an ID or their name on the reservation, but Cornwell did have to put down a credit card. Buffalonians easily trust people. 

Castro calls the incoming Blackhawk fans, asking "did you get the nicest hotel in Buffalo?" And the hotel was too nice for this bunch. They had two suites with fireplaces, a full modern kitchen and five TVs.

Finally, most of the group arrived in Buffalo with Tony "O Chicago" Oral flying into Buffalo the next day. They went out on the town, going to a patriotic hipster bar called Founding Fathers. It was a perfect fit for these hockey hooligans.  After a couple hours, the crew went back to the hotel. 

"Lil'" Schultz and Cornwell continued their night with two Buffalonian women, although the duo did not know each other before the trip. 

Back at the hotel, the Chicagoans were trying to finish off the beer that Tony "O" sent with them. They were successful, but during the night the gas stove was accidentally turned on numerous times. The stove was a huge hazard, at the lightest touch it would turn on. Everyone avoided that part of the kitchen from then on.

"Lil'" Schultz and Cornwell came back without their women, dishing out many excuses to defend their failure. Castro disappeared for 5 hours, before showing up in his bed. The next morning, he had no idea where he had gone or what happen. There is a good chance he was sleeping the whole time, after they drove through the night before. 

Cornwell, D. Schultz and Hyland stayed up until sunrise, bothering everyone who tried to sleep. They called Tony "O," giving him the news that they would not pick him up at the airport. Also moronically telling him in a voicemail "we'll pay for your cab," Tony had audio evidence, showing us that we did in fact say we'd pay.

The next day, game day, the group all woke up slowly with a long day on the horizon. The plan: Niagara Falls, eat, drink, game. Cornwell and D. Schultz were not alive and chose not to visit Niagara. 

When the crew pulled into Goat Island, a small island in between the three water falls at Niagara, the entire island was covered in ice from Niagara Fall's mist. It looked amazing but was quite dangerous. 

They made their way to the Horseshoe Falls, the most recognizable water fall. 

It wasn't the greatest view of the Horseshoe from Goat Island, so they started heading towards the American Falls. During the walk, the icy island forced some funny slips by anyone not wearing boots, including Regan slipping and tripping an old man on his way down. There must have been a dozen people who slipped on ice in one hour, two old guys fell, which wasn't funny.

Last but not least, they viewed the half frozen American Falls, which was covered by a 17-story mountain of ice created by the mist from the falls. It was well worth the visit. 
They returned to the hotel, where Tony "O" was waiting and Cornwell was drinking. The crew was finally at full strength. While everyone was getting food, Cornwell went back to the room and fell asleep hours before game time. For the second straight year, the group had to awkwardly wake up Cornwell. 

It was time for the game, the Blackhawk fans had 12 tickets: 8 in the 300 level, 2 in the 100 level and 2 in the front row. They had a rotation between each period, so everyone could sit in a different area of the First Niagara Center. 

The game opened with a goal from Buffalo's own Patrick Kane at 16:48 in the 1st, it put Chicago up 1-0. After a tying goal by Buffalo, the home crowd went crazy but the goal was called off and the visiting fans cheered even louder. 

It was 60 percent Chicago fans in the First Niagara Center that night.

The stadium was pretty nice, the exterior was nothing special and the concourse was similar to the United Center. The interior of the First Niagara Center looked like a modern Joe Louis Arena with less championship banners. 

There wasn't a bad seat in the house from the 300 level to the 100 level to the glass seats. Sitting on the glass is by far the best way to watch hockey. Some complain about sight lines but when the action is front of you, it is one of the greatest vantage points in sports.

While the group was changing seats throughout the game, no one was ever asked to see their tickets, ushers didn't even check tickets for the glass seats. The stadium also offered 24 oz. cans of Coors Light at the game, that was a first.

Following a Jonathon Toews goal in the 3rd, Chicago went up for good. The Blackhawks beat the lowly Sabres 2-1. After the game, most of the crew went to the hotel because they had an early drive in the morning. 

Castro, Cornwell, Oral, Parker and Bob went to a club. Bob and Parker were insulted at the door when they were told that they couldn't wear their hockey sweaters in the club, they immediately left for the hotelCastro, Cornwell and Oral all returned to the hotel at different times and by themselves. 

By the end of Sunday night, we had lost all the TV remotes in the two rooms, leaving three TVs permanently on, at a blasting volume. So we left all the TVs unplugged. The hotel managers probably thought we were crazy.  
Hyland would see another sunrise, Parker was the only other person up. Hyland, just about to go to bed, gets a call from Parker. "Can you drive me to the airport in the morning?" Parker asks Hyland. "Ah, yeah. Why?" Hyland replies. Cleveland just bought a plane ticket to visit his brother in Las Vegas, which was leaving in 4 hours. 

So Parker was dropped off and we headed back to Chicago. Oral spent a total of 18 hours in Buffalo.  

It was an extremely cheap trip for glass seats and a swanky hotel, spending under $2,000 on tickets and hotel for 11 people. The previous week, 8 of 11 of the Blackhawks bunch attended Penguins/Blackhawks at Soldier Field. Hyland, Regan and the Noetzel bros went to the game at Soldier and sat against the glass for Blackhawks at Sabres. It was an amazing week for a hockey fan. 

All-in-all, another good trip in crappy American city.

Snowy Stadium Series at Soldier

Yes, There's a Good Bowling Documentary

The bowling documentary, "A League of Ordinary Gentlemen" is weird, sad and hilarious.  

It follows the 2002-03 Pro Bowlers Association season, when former Microsoft employees bought the PBA and hired Nike employees to revive the PBA. It mostly focuses on the lifestyle of a bowler and slightly about the business side of the sport. 

The documentary felt like a mockumentary such as Christopher Guest's "This is Spinal Tap" or "Best in Show." The opening scene really sets the tone.

"He's a fantastic bowler/horseshoe player," said an admiring fan of Walter Ray Williams, Jr., member of the Bowling Hall of Fame and Horseshoes Hall of Fame. "I wish I were him." Williams is maybe the most boring person ever with a wife who wears the pants, but all he does is bowl, horse shoes and golf for a living. Not bad, Walter Ray, not bad.

It also follows the famous Weber family, the father/son Bowling Hall of Famers Dick Weber and Pete Weber. Dick was a more popular bowler, Pete was better and an alcoholic. Pete's outspoken attitude and signature "crotch chop" makes for good footage. 

Pete and Walter Ray are polar opposites and bitter rivals, they are considered the Magic and Bird of bowling.

Wayne Webb is another focal point of the film. He spent his entire $1.3 million career earnings, Webb enjoyed gambling and partying. "Back in the early 80s, I did a lot of partying. I started getting into karaoke, I was the entertainment in the lounge," said Webb. His life is depressing, but kind of funny in a "Kingpin" type of way. 

Rating: B+
It's a filterless view of the odd world of professional bowling, no punches were pulled in the editing process. If you liked "Kingpin" or "Best in Show," you'll like "A League of Ordinary Gentlemen."  It's not for kids.

"A League of Ordinary Gentlemen" is currently on Netflix.

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